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Author Topic: Reset required after G31 probing moves?  (Read 617 times)

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Reset required after G31 probing moves?
« on: June 14, 2018, 03:10:32 PM »
I am seeing something that seems unusual to this Mach4 newbie. I just got done writing my second script -- tool zero probing -- and found a strange behavior. Following a G31 probing move the MDI is disabled.  Test code:

Code: [Select]
mc.mcCntlGcodeExecuteWait(0,"G91 G31 Z-2.0 F5.0)
however, if I press [Reset] or add mc.mcCntlReset(0) to the script all is well and the MDI works as expected.

Code: [Select]
mc.mcCntlGcodeExecuteWait(0,"G91 G31 Z-2.0 F5.0)

I am using the most recent release version of Mach4 ( and Ethernet Smoothstepper with firmware #220.

So my questions are: Is this normal? And if not, which is the most likely culprit, something I did, Mach4 or ESS?

For completeness sake, here is my entire tool zero script:

Code: [Select]
local inst = mc.mcGetInstance();

local TouchPlate = 0.622 -- Thickness of touchplate above material
local SlowProbeRate = 0.7  -- IPM
local FastProbeRate = 5.0  -- IPM
local JogRate = 60
local Pos

mc.mcCntlSetLastError(inst, "Probing for Z Zero . . .")
wx.wxMessageBox("Ensure touch plate properly positioned and connected, then press ENTER.")

mc.mcCntlGcodeExecuteWait(inst,"G91 G31 Z-2.0 F".. FastProbeRate)  -- Probe TouchPlate at FastProbeRate
mc.mcCntlGcodeExecuteWait(inst,"G91     Z0.05  F".. JogRate)        -- Retract
mc.mcCntlGcodeExecuteWait(inst,"G91 G31 Z-0.07 F".. SlowProbeRate)  -- Probe TouchPlate at at SlowProbeRate

Pos = mc.mcAxisGetProbePos(inst, mc.Z_AXIS, 0)  -- Get Touch Position (work coordinates)

mc.mcCntlGcodeExecuteWait(inst,"G90 Z".. Pos .. " F".. SlowProbeRate) -- Move back to touch point in case of overshoot
mc.mcAxisSetPos(inst, mc.Z_AXIS, TouchPlate) -- set DRO to height of touchplate
mc.mcCntlGcodeExecuteWait(inst,"G91 Z1.0 F".. JogRate)        -- Retract

wx.wxMessageBox("Z Zero Set. Remove touch plate and press Enter")
mc.mcCntlSetLastError(inst, "Z Zero set")