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Author Topic: Can't Get Soft Limits To Work Without "Soft Limits Out Of Range Error"  (Read 4180 times)

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I'm trying to setup soft limits, and I can't get the system to machine the demo G-codes that are provided by Mach.

I keep getting the "Soft limit warning" , and "Soft Limits!" which then is followed by the reset flashing.

I would really appreciate some support.

I attached the settings snapshot below.

Thank you all for your time.
do you have home switches and have you referenced (homed) your machine?
If you haven't, Soft Limits are worse than useless....you'll have to turn them off. They
only make sense AFTER your machine has been referenced.

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Thank you for your support. The machine is referenced prior to pressing the soft limit button.

I'm not using any home switches which would require being turned off.

if you don't have home switches then you are NOT referencing.

I suspect you are zeroing your axes but that's not the same.

'I enjoy sex at 73.....I live at 71 so its not too far to walk.'
According to the videos readily available online https://youtu.be/ma7lMocQbv0

 They explain pressing the Refall button to zero Mach's coordinate system. I always do that first, and then activate the soft limits button as directed, but get the same result.

I then proceed to machine the Road Runner demo G-code, and get a soft limit error.

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that's correct, when you hit RefAll the machine references itself. In absence of home switches it 'homes in place'. That is to say that the current location is home. Thereafter all
your soft limits refer to limits relative to this location. It is entirely likely that your reference location is different to what it was in the last session or whenever it was that you
populated the Soft Limits table, therefore the table data is rubbish and likely to cause SoftLimit faults such as you've seen.

Soft Limits ONLY works if your machine is referenced to EXACTLY the same location EVERY session of Mach. That requires you manually jog to some identifiable and repeatable
location and 'home in place' OR have home switches. Home switches are preferred.

'I enjoy sex at 73.....I live at 71 so its not too far to walk.'
That's simply not possible, and that's not what's reflected in any videos on the topic. If you had to do that then there would be simply no point to even having soft limits as they replace physical switches.

 The refall is to set an arbitrary location on the chassis to machine from. If the soft limit settings are set correctly, and the work is set within the
tables limits, and the Z has enough clearance it should be good to go.

The software simply states an error "outside of limits" , or "software limits" and there's no area of direction provided to let you know what setting should be manipulated to correct the problem.  

The fact that I'm using a default G-code provided in the software itself as a demo seems really strange that you can't use it to validate the soft limits. I'm not even connected to an actual machine. I just am getting used to the functionality of the software,
and created a fictional table just like Paul did in the video link I provided.

I'm hoping someone can provide me an answer as I would like to learn, but am really having a hard time with this issue.

The users manual attached below also falls short on explaining any troubleshooting options.
Thank you.
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you need home switches for soft limits to work.

If you have an alternate solution I look forward to it. Good luck.

'I enjoy sex at 73.....I live at 71 so its not too far to walk.'
you will find more people read your posts on the main Mach3 Discussion board and get more and varied answers .
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'I enjoy sex at 73.....I live at 71 so its not too far to walk.'