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Basic Screen
« on: April 14, 2018, 01:53:28 PM »
I started a couple of years ago by cobbling some buttons on the original 1024 screen, removing a lot of the things I didn't need and adjusting the DRO's.  The screen was functional, but not much to look at.  I wanted to wait a while to make sure there wasn't anything I was forgetting, before designing a new screen.   This screen is just for my use, so  I didn't need to clutter it with things I didn't need.  It is used on a router I made using 8020 type extruded aluminum.  The cut envelope is about 18" X 18" X 5". 

I designed this screen in Photoshop CS (old, but very functional).  In the upper left is the G code window and in the upper right is the toolpath window.  I used Screen4 and Klaus's video plug-in.  Thank you Klaus, I use your plug-in every time I use the machine. 

The Step/Cont.(continuous) button toggles between jogging by step or continuous and the LED will switch from side to side. I have the space bar set as the hot key to toggle between step and continuous.   The increment button will toggle between .005" and .01" per step.  Most times I will have it set to .01", but sometimes I will toggle to .005". 

The Camera ON/OFF  button turns on Klaus's video plug-in.  The Set button will only set the off-set when the camera is on.  After pressed, the red LED on the button is turned on.  This way I know that the button was pressed. 

Hopefully this will give some ideas to anyone thinking of making their own screen.