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MachStdMill V1.1 Released
« on: April 14, 2011, 01:39:46 PM »
MachStdMill continues to improve  ;D
During the 3 months since the release of v1.0, the software has been refined based on user feedback.

MachStdMill version 1.1 has been released and is now available from www.CalypsoVentures.com

MachStdMill v1.1 key enhancements:

1) Enhanced probing facilities:
Probing operation support has been significantly enhanced and now offers the most complete work setup probing features available for Mach.

Operation groups include:
•   Edge, Surface and Corner finding (w edge angle measurement)
•   Ridge & Valley center finding
•   Circular and rectangular Pocket center finding
•   Circular and rectangular Post center finding
•   A and B axis rotational center finding and axis alignment

2) Auto-TLO and On-Machine Tool Measuring:
Advanced tool measuring support is included to do “on machine” measurement of tools, removing the need for expensive offline tool pre-setters.

Tools can be measured on the machine and TLOs are calculated and entered automatically into the tool table. TLO support includes all three documented TLO techniques (TLO=PTL, TLO=WCZ0 and Master Tool mode).

3) Tool Table Handling:
MSM Tool Table handling has been significantly enhanced.

A tool table saved by any MSM machine can be loaded on any MSM machine.
The distinction between tool table files created by an imperial (inch) setup units machine and a metric (mm) setup units machine has been removed.

Support was added for mixed units tool tables at the user interface.
Example: Tool diameters may be entered in the natural units of the tool, independent of the setup units of the machine.

4) All bug reports closed:
Release v1.0.2 proved to be very stable with very few bugs. All MSM bugs have been fixed for v1.1 and there are no open errata items as of v1.1’s release.


Author of the MachStdMill Extensions for Mach3