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Author Topic: PoKey57CNC Auto centering tool - need help!!!  (Read 2019 times)

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PoKey57CNC Auto centering tool - need help!!!
« on: December 25, 2017, 06:26:55 PM »
Dear CNC colleagues, I’m reaching out for your help.

I just upgraded my PC to a 64-bit Win 10.
So I had to say goodbye to my old controllbox since it only was working with Parallel cable.

Invested in a PoKey57CNC and it works great on my CNC, except for one thing….
I do have a OX CNC with two motors on the Y axis where the “Y motor” is master and the “A motor” is slave.

Running Mach3 latest version (.066) – All in Metric system

The issue I have is when I’m trying to use the macro (from Hossprobing set) “Center probe inside diameter Metric Version”
There are 2 issues actually:

1.   When I start the macro it goes to the left, slow and nice, touches the edge, stops and then it rapidly goes far to the right not stopping when the probe touches the right edge of the hole.

2.   When it comes to the Y axis calibration for the hole it seems that the “slave” axis won’t work.
Only the “Y” motor moves a few step before machine crashes. The “A” motor won’t move.

I attach a PDF file with the code and some screenshots of my setup in Mach3 and in PoKeys.

Keep my fingers crossed and hope for a quick and working solotion  :)

Many thanks in advance

Kent from Sweden

Re: PoKey57CNC Auto centering tool - need help!!!
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2017, 04:56:15 PM »
Hi everyone,

I got a tip from another user that I should reinstall MAch3 with .062 version. Seems to be more stable.

So I reinstalled to version .062.

Problem with Y & A axis when centering a hole/pipe is still there.

Y axis is working as it should but A axis wont move when i try tp "center" in -Y direction.
The opposit happends when it "center" in the +Y direction. The A motor moves but Y motor won't move.

I can't reverse the motors because then I can't move the machine in normal condition.

Is there a way to get both motors to move simultaneously in the "centering" script???

Re: PoKey57CNC Auto centering tool - need help!!!
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2017, 03:56:46 PM »

I'm still struggling with the HossProbe script for the zero centering of a hole.

I use the PoKeys57CNC controllbox.

What is happening is that when i hit the centering button the X axis moves left, touches the plate, goes to the center and then the same procedure to the right side. So far so good.
When it come to the Y axixs the problem starts.

Since I have 2 motors on my gantry (Y & A motor, where A motor is slave to Y motor) the tool only activates one of the motors and also start the X axis.
So instead of going stight forward and touch the plate (to the + side and then back to the - side) it tryes to move forward/sideways, even though in small steps.

My earlier setup with my older controllbox (parallel port) and Win 7 everything worked perfectly. Now i changed to Win 10 and bought me the complete Pokeys57CNC with the Postep 25-32 drivers
Using all the latest updates on the software (except Mach3  :) . using .062 version)

I attatche all the setup in Mach3 + script and the PoKeys setup in the ZIP-file.

I really hope that someone out there can help me - I'm out of ideas
Thanks in advacns for all help

Wish you all a Happy New Year  :D :D :D