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Author Topic: Galil With Mitsubishi MR Drive and Servo  (Read 990 times)

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Galil With Mitsubishi MR Drive and Servo
« on: December 04, 2017, 01:38:36 AM »
Hey all, new build going and im stumped right now. Heres my setup:

WinXP machine running on a P4 mobo
Galil DMC-1740
2 Parker Aries Drives (X and Y)
1 Mitsu MR Drive (Z axis)

My X and Y work great, are properly scaled, and everything is awesome.
The Aries drives have a single +-10V analog input for speed/torque/position setting, which was easy to hook up

The Mitsu drives have 2 of these inputs, one is 10V and one is 8V. Theres another thread that says to use Torque mode, but thats the 8V line, the speed control mode is the 10V line. I also need to get the software so I can go in and clear out all the settings from the old machine that this was on, and verify everything. Parker gives out their software free but Mitsu wants 175 for a copy and I think thats a little rediculous.

Anyone hook up one of these drives to a Galil? Not sure what the (R) stand for after the LA, LB, LZ, if its a return+ or the ref-. or if it matters.

Heres my pinouts so far:

Mitsu Pin/Description                      Galil Pin/Description
4 (LA) Encoder A                            97 Encoder A+
5 (LAR) Encoder A return/ref?          98 Encoder A-
6 (LB) Encoder B                            99 Encoder B+
7 (LBR) Encoder B Ref/Ret              100 Encoder B-   
8 (LZ) Encoder Z                            101 Encoder Z+
9 (LZR) Encoder Z return                 102 Encoder Z-
10 (PP)                                         26 MOCMDZ
11 (PG)                                         28 PWMZ

SOL and EMG are wired to enable the drive. I keep getting an alarm 25 (home ref) but pulling pin 41 (HOME SET) high or low with DICOM or DOCOM does nothing. Hence why the software would help.