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Author Topic: Brains, Modbus & Spindle VFD challenge  (Read 3651 times)

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Brains, Modbus & Spindle VFD challenge
« on: November 13, 2017, 04:15:14 PM »
I'm new to Brains and in the process of fitting a new VFD to my mill, which I would like to control with Modbus. I've got an USB to RS485 which I've successfully got working with Mach 3, both in test mode and also writing simple brains to send single commands to the VFD.

The challenge I've got is how I EStop/reset the drive.
1) - ESTOP
I've written a brain, that uses ENABLE 1 as an estop single, when enable 1 is false - the code 0002 is sent to the cmd register. This shows on the drive, but then changes to 0000 immediately. I don't understand why 0000 is sent as I don't reference it anywhere.

2) - Reset
To reset the drive, when the estop is cleared, I need to send 0080 (fault reset), then 0006 (drive ready), then 0007 (drive activated), all to the same cmd register in the drive, in sequence one after the other - the sequence being triggered by the estop reset. I've tried a few things but cannot work out how to send a sequence.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.