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Author Topic: Auto Leveling - "Gcode Ripper" for Mach4  (Read 3160 times)

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Auto Leveling - "Gcode Ripper" for Mach4
« on: July 06, 2017, 12:42:36 PM »
Q: What is Auto-leveling GCode?  A:This Software takes gcode for Engraving (PCB's or Text) and regardless of the parts levelness probes points to level the Gcode created to engrave evenly across the part. the extremes of the flatness of the part is not affected by the possibilities this software provides.

In my case engraving text on any unlevel surface is a breeze with this software, taking my gcode and probing 4 corners prior to engraving updating the Z depths to perform a flawless engraving each time. In conjunction with Gcode Ripper i have been working with Autoleveler AE and as well will post that new code here when it is finished.

Here is the final release of GCode Ripper for Mach4 by Scorchworks. This was created for me by Scorch at Scorchworks and the Macros Edited by James Hawthorne PHd from Autoleveler. This version is currently fully functional under Mach4 Industrial. I have not tested with Hobby and cannot verify that it is functional within Hobby so test at your own risk. Macros need to be placed under the Macro folder within the profile you're currently using and the details to setup the reg parameters which are described in the following links.



Although I have fully tested and verified that this software works; every machine and controller handle probing differently so everyone needs to approach this with caution and care.

I am only sharing this to the community as it is invaluable to me and someone else should benefit from it. I will answer questions however try to follow the instructions in the links as like many i have my own job to focus on.

GCode Ripper .15 For Mach4 : http://jmp.sh/OTrKCs8
Macros for Gcode Ripper and Autolevel : http://jmp.sh/PiF6bMo
Re: Auto Leveling - "Gcode Ripper" for Mach4
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2017, 05:24:22 PM »
We are making one small change to this code to add tool offset for probe and changing the XY movement after Z movement for safe XY locate before Z plunge. Ill Post the new code once its finished. Anyone having issues feel free to message me. This program saves so much time setting up parts for engraving its not even funny. No more travel indicator across X & Y to check part level. Hope others find this software valuable.

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Re: Auto Leveling - "Gcode Ripper" for Mach4
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2017, 01:16:35 AM »
Hi Paradox_JD,

Excellent information, thanks for sharing.

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Re: Auto Leveling - "Gcode Ripper" for Mach4
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2017, 11:52:01 AM »
I do want to add that for me in Pre Probe I add (G55 G43 H99) So workoffset for the part and Tool Offset for my Probe. And in Post Probe I use G0 Z8 so i can remove my Probe. The software writes in the M0 stop so no need to write that in the boxes. If using a tool changer that houses the probe then nothing would be needed.

I hope that Mach4 will eventually include this scripting in future releases within its probing features. To level stock or even level parts on second operations for things like engraving had been tedious in the past. I spent at lest 10 to 20 minutes leveling every part before engraving. Now i just set the machine up in the morning and engrave part after part without leveling a single part in my fixture. I tested this software by putting a part in the vise 8" wide having a .250 rise from one end to the other with gcode meant to be machine flat and the engraving came out as if the part was 100% level. Scorch and James Hawthorne truly did make some great software. Both of them are open source and the code is open to modify, extract, and manipulate freely. I only helped with the Mach4 scripting and testing as neither had Mach4 and this community did need this software. I think once people start using it they will understand just how powerful it is. The difference between Gcode ripper and AE is Gcode ripper uses an external file Via the M40 macro to store data and AE preforms the math calculations on the fly. Both in my opinion are great. Although im still working on getting AE to function properly within Mach4 it too seems to have its benefits. Each software has its pros and cons. For those running slower machines with less ram Gcode ripper is a better fit. Those running faster machines with more ram and faster video cards benefit from AE more.

I do encourage people to give these both a try specially machining unlevel parts like PCB's or Engraving. Whether the part is not level from laziness or just difficult these should help. Also those using routers to engrave this should be a gold mine.
Re: Auto Leveling - "Gcode Ripper" for Mach4
« Reply #4 on: October 06, 2017, 11:57:57 PM »
as the writer of the two Mach 4 macros m40 and m41 I have tested them extensively making circuit boards with Mach4 Hobby.
Both my macros were inspired by m400 and m401 which are released in the LuaExamples folder of Mach 4 release.

The text search/manipulation code in m41 is fairly amateurish, my first solo Lua coding endeavour. I have subsequently updated some of the text
manipulation code to be more readable but it doesn't affect the results at all and so haven't bothered posting it.

Should I do so in future I will include a copyright and an MIT licence.

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