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Re: Gear Reduction question.
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Hi ger21,
yes I've looked at them too. Given that I live in New Zealand the actual cost by the time it gets here including airfreight and tax is closer to $1000USD.

I needed a servo for a spindle and was proposing to direct couple and really wanted a bit more speed than the 1.8kW DMM (1500 rpm).

On Trade-Me, a NZ auction site, I got a 1.8kW Allen Bradley servo (6.2Nm @3500 rpm) and drive for $800NZD including freight or about $600USD.
It is of course second hand so cant really be compared to a new DMM but so far it KICKS ANUS!!! I can twist 8mm carbide tool off like a carrot and talk
about making chips....my little mill can't really keep up, it starts to flex alarmingly and it leaps around, I had to tie it to the wall!

I recall that Hood had used several of them over the years and recommended them and I can too. EBay has a fair selection of them.

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