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AC servomotor calibration problem
« on: August 31, 2017, 08:35:51 AM »
Hello all, i am new in here so i am not even sure this is the right place to ask, but here goes...

I am trying to setup a Bosch Ecodrive AC servo driver and motor as main spindle on a lathe. My problem is that when i try to setup this servo in motor tuning i can´t get the motor to run the actual rpm as i ask it to within mach3.

The servo is setup to work in step/dir mode, so i guess that it should be spot on with the rpm if correct set up. And by the way the actual speed on screen says 0, so do i have to install a tachometer setup even i use step/dir ?

Been reading different things about the value in velocity option, one is that this is the max speed the motor is designed for, another is that you need to take max speed and divide it with 60 to set the speed.

Tried both and neither is working. It runs but way off regarding the rpm. So anyone who can help me with this?

Another thing is that the motor is quite noisy and sounds like you can hear every single step. This gets better when i raise the step pr. rev. but to get the sound real good i would have to set it so high that mach3 can´t keep up and cuts down on the velocity. When i jog with the drivers internally jog button the motor does not make any sounds at all. Thinking to buy a smoothstepper to get more pulses because the servos driver accepts up to like 65000 pulses pr rev. Am i going in the right direction or is new controller overkill ?? ( i only use parallelport and bob right now.)

Also got a problem with changing in sound (like extra or missing clicks) from the motor, when i do as little as moving the mouse over the screen. I use a 2ghz desktop, os Win XP, and have disabled everything that does not needs to run. is the parallel setup this sensitive or am i having an extra issue here ?
Thanks in advance