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Author Topic: A-axis & Z-axis grinding  (Read 944 times)

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A-axis & Z-axis grinding
« on: May 30, 2017, 03:03:39 PM »

We have camshaft grinder with CSMIO & DELTA servos & mach3.

Problem is that I need more tips to have A axis smooth with Z. I heard that 13rpm could be the limit to have smooth movement.

I have tuned x&Z axis to 2000steps per mm velocity 5000 and accel 1500. A axis 333.333 steps per deg and vel 25000 accel very high. Axes are very fast with jogging. Tried that use radius for feedrate option. Feedrate i tried something like 20000 but when running feedrate fluctuates all the time and A axle jerks.Best feedrate is couple of hundred.
 So I now my gcode sucks but how I change it? s

We probed the camshaft 0-360deg with 0.2deg resolution. Then tried to make layers(0.2mm) to achieve the "bulk" camshaft.
I am now also trying to check the point cloud with cloudcompare&bobcad to have real gcode...
One way could be to make script that contains the probed shaft gcode and then we just call it with offset? VB script cannot take this much lines i guess.
So this code is not working:
A0 0
A0.2 Z-0.1
A0.4 Z-0.2
A360 Z0
A0 -Z15.22
A0.2 -Z15.25

This is not better:
A0 F20000
Z-15.050 F1000
A0.2 F20000
Z-15.100 F1000
A0.4 F20000

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Re: A-axis & Z-axis grinding
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2017, 03:45:20 AM »
A goes round 0-360 every round and only the Z is changed.
What is the best way to mach 3 to write it=
is it 0-360-0-360 with 0.2deg resolution or 1 or 10deg or ?
Or do I put it like 0-360-720-1080....
And is there a difference if I put these on different lines to get it smoother?