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Author Topic: 3D Cutting Simulator – ModuleWorks plugin almost 40% off for a limited time.  (Read 2490 times)

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Well it's a new day 0700hrs
On reading Mauri comment I am going to hold off spending some £ have to watch the pension you know  ::), until some documentation is available for this add on

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Chaoticone ,
To produce the sample ModuleWorks ScreenShot1 would require a lot more Tool Table Editor "Simulation Fields" than what is provided, so without knowing ALL the possible KEY names available then it would be impossible for any of to produce anything like you sample.
Apart from the Key Names we would also need to know the Editor Type and Editor Parameters.
We would also need to know what they mean, like Precision 4 and Width -1 for example.
In the example the Tool holder for example shows two parts and multiple angles, radius and colors.
The same as the Tool.
The Tool Color on what we can produce is the same colour as the cut, but not on your sample.
So if this sample was produced using this product then your Tool Table has significantly more option than provided to us.
So if we can get a manual with all this information maybe we can produce the same.
I also noticed that the outcome when using a .01mm radius cutter is no were near as good as the machined output even though I cannot at this stage make an angled ball nose cutter.
This may be due to the Precision Number.
So to make this inviting for users to purchase we should get the G-Code and the Tool Setting to produce exactly what you say has been done as shown in this picture, plus all the other settings available to us.
So Stuart and others can purchase a copy, please see what can be done with this request.