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Author Topic: Is anyone else experiencing this issue with X Axis offset in Mach 4 Lathe  (Read 839 times)

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When setting up the tooling I followed the instructions in the video produced by Artsoft regarding lathe tool setup. Everything seemed to go well until I hit the cyclestart button. It appears that something is not right with Mach4 Lathe or the instructions they gave for setting up X axis offset. I have a 1" part in the chuck, and I used that value for my master tool (only tool) during setup. When I hit the cyclestart button the tool stays off the diameter of the part by .5". Which leads me to believe that somewhere it is using radius for something. I just can't figure out what or where to modify this in the settings. I have the mill setup to use Lathe (Diameter) mode in the settings. Now if during setup of X axis tool offset I use the radius, the part will machine as it is supposed to. Keep in mind that my setup and CAM programming are setup to use Diameter not radius.
My procedure is......
Do a tool change T0101
Touch off on the part, or cut a new diameter...
Measure the diameter, without moving x
Go to the tool table, click in the tool 1 x blank
enter the diameter at the bottom and select measure.
The x dro should show the correct diameter.