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Author Topic: Not getting outputs From Mach3 to PMDX122 Breakout Board ?  (Read 1110 times)

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Hi ,
I am trying to upgrade an old Bridgeport CNC mill to Mach3.

I have mach3 Loaded on a Windows7-32 bit computer.

As far as I can tell, I am not getting signals to go from Mach3-out the parallel port- to the BOB.

I don't have the mill connected to the BOB

The BOB is powered from a USB port on the computer.

Things I have done:
1. Verified that the Mach3 Pulsing engine shows in device manager.

2. Verified that the port address in Mach3, is set the same as the port address  shows in device manager,  (378)

3 Ran the driver test, with Mach3 closed.  It said it was successful, but the graph barely showed any blips.

4.  When the BOB charge pump feature is enabled, all of the output LEDs go out.
Doesn't this mean the charge pump is saying there is something wrong with the computer?

5. Set up the Spindle control relay so it drives output 1.  Set output 1 to drive pin14.
When I manually enter M3 at the diagnostic screen, I see the output 1 box on the diagnostic screen, blink on and off.
When I enter M5 the output 1 box stops blinking.  I don't see any changes on the Pin 14 LED on the BOB when the output1 box is blinking.

6. The E stop signal and other inputs I have configured in "ports and pins/inputs", seem to work ok.

I have a couple of OEM trigger inputs set up, to trigger feed hold (OEM code1001), and cycle start(OEMcode1000).
I have the inputs set to pins 11 and 12.  When I unground pin 11 and 12 at the BOB I get the feed hold and cycle start commands on the Mach3 screen.

Thanks a lot for any ideas you may have