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Author Topic: CSMIO IP-A and linear encoders ( seting step per unit and encoder pulse/rev)  (Read 2654 times)

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Greetings altogether. My problem is so simple and yet I tried everything and no solution.

My linear scales are from ISKRA and they are 5um and this is 0.005mm (the seller told me that they are 0.5Um and now I found out they are 5um)
Anyhow, I have to set two parameters one is in the section Mach3-Config-Motortunning-Steps per unit.

Ok I contacted the Support after a month of trying different calculations and numbers and the answer was:

If you use a scale then you take neither ratio nor screw pitch into account.
Your task is to indicate pulses number per 1mm and the scale will help you with it.
>>> The resolution of linear scales is: 5┬Ám this is 0.005mm
It's very easy:
1mm / 0.005mm =  200 steps per

Ok and now what is the Encoder Pulses/Rev: ( mach3-config-config plugins-CSMIO motion controller configuration)

Does anybody know please help. ???

Best regards