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z position
« on: March 20, 2017, 02:23:06 AM »
Hi again everyone,
Another wee problem.
After referencing all axes home, I then move the x,y and z axes to the start position for my workpiece. I set zero for all axes .
I then load gcode for my work.  Hook up digitiser and check that it works ok.

Load autoleveller and it runs fine except it is about 10mm above work piece. Stop programme. clear file and load straight gcode.
programme runs and looks like board is being milled, but about 10mm above the workpiece.
Where have I gone wrong. All of my home switches 0.0 but z is homed up. Is this a problem. I assumed no matter where the z home position was as long as the head was told to move negative and the correct amount of offset (obtained by the digitiser) then bob's your uncle. Apparently not.
Attached gcode.t Please Tell me where I am wrong.

Thanks....Cobber :(