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Author Topic: New screenset for Mach3 Mill - Ease-eMill  (Read 7165 times)

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Re: New screenset for Mach3 Mill - Ease-eMill
« Reply #10 on: October 01, 2018, 04:41:11 AM »
Hi DaBase

Thank you. Received my screen set just now. Maybe you should consider changing your purchase instructions. At the moment it states that should you have a diferrent email then you must add it in the comments of the PayPal payment. Maybe ask for customers to add there email regardless.

Having had a quick look at your macros I am very impressed as to what I see. Especially the fact that it will work with CSMio. Have not tested it on my CSMio system yet but will report back when I do.
Had a mill set from Calypso ventures but they could not get there's to work with CSMio.
I do have a servo driven 4th axis that I use for light mill turn operations.
Question.........If I buy the Ease-eTurn screen as well. Would I be able to use it in mill turn opps?

All you guys out there with CSMio I think this was worth my wait.  Will report back after working with it for a while. . 
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Re: New screenset for Mach3 Mill - Ease-eMill
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Dear sir, Please let me know the way to send money and purchase details for Easy- turn screen set.Please oblige