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Author Topic: Parker Servo Feedback Connector Help ??  (Read 2063 times)

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Parker Servo Feedback Connector Help ??
« on: February 04, 2017, 04:40:38 PM »
 Hi guys I'm trying to get a Parker SME82 Servo motor to work with a Parker Gemini GV6 - U12E drive, I have been trying for weeks now to get this darn thing to work however Im stuck on a problem with the Hall effects, I have wired the cable up to the diagrams I could find and have tested each pin for continuity, I can successfully communicate with the drive via rs-232 and program it, when I issue a DMODE13 command which configures the drive to run the motor open loop at 1rps it turns in the correct direction so the motor phases are wired correctly, the problem comes when I want to switch the drive to position mode (DMODE12), when the command is entered the drive will not enable and the error report (TASXF) shows bit21 which indicates a bad hall state, I have consulted every manual under the sun to no avail as they all say to check wiring  ??? The motor in question has a tamagawa 2048ppr encoder which has 3 hall effects that are differential outputs, as the drive seems to only accept single ended hall signals I contacted parker directly and they said i should wire the positive pins to the drive and leave the negative pins disconnected (A- B- C-) however the drive still refuses to play ball, if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated as I'm scratching my head at this point, I have added some photos however it's difficult to see the wiring due to the spacing of the wires however there are no short circuits, the soldering looks a little rough due to impurities floating to the top of the soldercup as the pins are hollow, the copper conductor goes at least 5mm into each solder cup and is filled with solder.

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