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Author Topic: Help!! mach3 programing skip, goto, jump routine  (Read 1727 times)

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Help!! mach3 programing skip, goto, jump routine
« on: January 17, 2017, 04:37:00 AM »
I have a problem i hope you can help me. i have two buttons for a 3 axis router table that is converted to glue a part there are two other buttons i am going to use a key emulator to make these buttons work like keyboard buttons. now i want to create a way that button number 1 runs top of a part and button two runs bottom of part. and be albe to do this for several programs. i envision a macro or a goto or skip or jump command to allow me to with button two pressed jump to a specific line in the program which will run the bottom routine. or lower half of the program above the skip to line there is an m0 command to pause the program. so the machine will pause.

the first button or button one will reset program to first line. this way i can press button one or two and the machine will perform the top of part operation or the bottom of part operation no matter which order i press it will just run one or the other in any order.

so button one first line then cycle start. pause at end of top routine. i press button one again it resets to top of program and runs top part again. arives mo and waits i can press 1 again or i can press two if i press two i runs bottom routine after the mo. when it gets to end of that half there is an m30 program reloads to top.
if i press button tow it will jump to the first m0 and runs bottom half of program. hope this is not too confusing. can you help? basically all i need to do this myself is a skip or goto that will allow me to tell it where to go in the gcode.


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