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Author Topic: 2010 screenset...when i orbit in the view window while cutting machine stops...  (Read 2736 times)

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2010 screenset...when i orbit in the view(toolpath) window while cutting the machine stops...

Is this a normal thing that mach does?
I was cutting a part and noticed the retract wasn't right so i went to orbit in the window to see what it looked like..as soon as i orbit the machine stops and goes into reset.

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Slow PC's do that, some fast ones too
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Mach3's toolpath display uses a lot of PC resources, and the larger toolpath in the 2010 Screenset makes it even worse.
It's generally recommended to NEVER move the toolpath display while the machine is running.

2010 Screenset

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I generally never touch anything once i start cutting..just happened to try it this one time ...and now i know.