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Author Topic: Accurate Homing and the Boards that can do that, What is everyone else doing?  (Read 4361 times)

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Additionally was using M3 and PP
at the time and the coding required seemed daunting.
Me too, M3 & PP but no tricky code is required.  It's already there under Config>Homing/Limits and clickity-click, you're done (once the hardware side is finished.)

I made the opto rig because I have so many faux-pas & tired of starting over with the whole touching-off routine every time.  Now I just switch back to tool '0', hit "Set Home X" & then Z and I'm right back where I started.  I have 21 QCTP tools now with all the offsets dialed-in referenced to home.  Oh yeah. I made an opto equipped Z axis probe as well that I home on the end of the part so I wouldn't have to manually touch-off Z every time.  Works great!
Milton from Tennessee ya'll.
Okay guys, time for you to post some videos of your setups and process!
Okay guys, time for you to post some videos of your setups and process!
If you mean my stuff, here's a couple links.  I'm not too shiny when it comes to the world of video production.

Post #8 sorta desribes the X homing, ignore all the stuff about the Z homing & gang tooling in that thread as that all went away in favor of the Z-probe in the 2nd link


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Milton from Tennessee ya'll.
Damn! you've given me yet another idea to pursue!

Hey Craig, I guess we're now even in the "idea to pursue" game.  During the process of looking up those old posts about the homing setup, I ran across the a post where I mentioned that the original tooling mount scheme was to have a second wedge-style QC  tool post on the back side.  At the time I didn't have the funds and got totally sidetracked by the Z opto probe mount.  

Eureka!  This morning I woke up thinking about all this & just had to dope-slap myself.  I can still put that 2nd QCTP on at the rear & mount the Z probe on a QC holder easily.  That'll open up a vast array of new tooling options including using that 3- tool gangholder that lies unused in the toolbox.  I'm excited!:)
Milton from Tennessee ya'll.