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Author Topic: Counts/unit in motor tuning Mach4 with Pokey57CNC plugin is disabled?  (Read 1591 times)

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Using the latest Mach4 and Pokey57CNC.  Can move motors and home/limits work but can't set Counts Per Unit, Velocity and Acceleration or anything in the Configure/Mach.../Motors dialog.  The axis checkboxes and weirdly the Enable Delay(ms) can be changed.  Also can't seem to invert an axis motion anywhere.

Mach4 Hobby Version

PoKeys plugin - Polabs

Well this is embarrassing.  As pointed out to me by PoKeys support, a motor has to be selected in the right column to activate all the boxes.  I thought that's what the check boxes were for but the text for the motor must be selected, not the check box.  Once any motor is selected everything works like in mach3.  Selecting a different motor deselects the last.

I think as a human interface technique the first motor should have been preselected when the dialog was opened to prevent this weirdness.

Really want to thank Pokeys support for helping me out over the weekend..  Awesome !