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PBJ 2013 Screenset
« on: August 27, 2016, 10:00:52 PM »
Hi everybody, I have a situation with my machine / tool change functionality when using the PBJ 2013 Screenset. The machine will not make the moves required to start n finish the tool change when running G-code?
Using this screen set because of the 5-Axis functionality
Specs are as follows:
Windows XP SP3
Mach3 v R3.043.066
PBJ 2013 v1 screenset (All items loaded where they belong according to installation instructions)

My actions:
Power up machine
Home X Y Z B C axis
Set G54  X Y Z offset location
Tool Zero Z setting page (All locations set for tool change & switch position) (Using SINGLE OFFSET OPTION #1)
Press *Make Reference Height Button* (Z moves to safe Z height, X Y move to Tool Probe location n Z starts probing down, touches plate, Z returns to safe height and X Y returns to location before cycle started)
Load G code program with tool changes, Start program, 1st tool finishes, call T2 M6, and MACHINE JUST SITS THERE… Tool Change light FLASHING… but NO MOVEMENT toward safe Z or X Y tool change location???

I have tested following also on Tool Zero Z setting page:
Press *Start Tool Change/Tool Zero Button n all works as it should!!!
Z goes to safe Z height, X Y move to tool change Location, spindle stops, I change tool, press start, Z moves to safe Z height, X Y move to switch plate location, Z starts probing down n touches plate, Z retracts n X Y move to location where it came from b4 pressing tool change button!!!

I'm ASSUMING, I DO NOT have to switch from Program Run page to Tool Change page to make a Tool Change……
I thought the macros would do that for me, n I just manually change the tool?

Has any body else had this situation happen?
I tried contacting Per Jeppesen but no response yet…

Hope some one has some insight that can HELP!


P.S. I have reloaded Mach3 and all my settings n profile along with items from PBJ screen set… still did not work…? ??? ??? ???

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Re: PBJ 2013 Screenset
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2016, 02:30:11 AM »
I don't know anything about this screenset,but you really shouldn't be using 3.043.066, as it's very buggy and causes issues for a lot of people.

2010 Screenset

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Re: PBJ 2013 Screenset
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2016, 08:57:41 PM »
Thanks Gerry,

I tried .037 & .062 without any luck.

I'm assuming when an M6 is called out in the g-code it would start running tool change macro?
Wonder how I can test anything from here? I looked at macros M6 start n end but it all looks like a foreign language to me! Unless there is something else that should be triggering it?

Hopin someone has a working PBJ 2013 setup n check there macros n see if there the same as mine.

P Jeppesen did get back to me but couldn't see as to why its not working.