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might be off topic but interesting none the less.

Some years ago one of the local linesman took a bad hit from 11kV. The first thing
the foreman noticed was the tyres of the truck carrying the 'cherry picker' sprouted leaks
and the water ballast in them started to squirt out. The current was passing thru Tony,
local guy and friend, thru the truck and earthing via surface conductance of the tyres.
Tony survived but was a very sick man for quite a long time. Most of the discharge had
passed around him, like surface conduction. Sharp bits like hands, elbows and knees were
badly injured but internal organs survived.

Evindently the probability of surviving a high voltage incident is actually higher than medium
voltage, 800-1700V. These voltages are found in traction systems like trains. Rectified 3 phase
(in New Zealand at least) is 580V. Any system using boost PFC correction like industrial
VFD's and some Miller Inverter welders have DC link voltage of 800V, the danger zone.

I deal with rectified 3 phase machines daily including some of those Millers. With those your
first mistake is your last and the capacitors are formidable!

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