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Author Topic: Need help with Mach3 and W xp compatibility(or maybe wrong signals to pins)  (Read 1853 times)

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I'm boulding 3axis router with TB6560 4 axis board, nema 23 stepper motors and I need help. I have a problem that my steppers stall. I know that i did everything right with my pins, ports, steps per revolution, calculated all frequancy. I can move all axis in both directions, but somtimes it stall anyway. TB6560 board has dip switches for current,decay mode and microsteping. I noticed that I get much more stall in 100% current setting, that seem weird to me. Then I started looking for fault which is causing all the stalling.
On TB6560 board there are 4 led lights which indicates that 4 axis works. I noticed that X axis led is always on, even if my mach3 isn't on (computer is on). If i turn on mach3 I can move my axis frealy but it sometimes stall.When i try to move X axis the led  (that is always on), dims a bit. I know that my parallel cable is ok, because i checked ir with multimeter and swapped to another cable. Does there is some kind an option or something,maybe in BIOS, I don't know, which I can adjust, to stop sending signal all the time to this pin, or somehow to chance port.

P.S.: If i put my TB6560 to another computer (old very slow laptop with XP,which has parallel connection. It was too slow, so i bought another computer with clean xp install, on which the LED is always on.), the X axis led is on only when I opertate, in the way it should be. And the all axis move much faster. Same steps per rev,acceleralions and so on, only the LED doesnt gleam all the time. But i cant use this laptop because its to slow.

Maybe there are people who had similar trouble. Need a solution. Thanks.

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Please check that your PC meets the minimum requirements shown here; http://www.machsupport.com/software/mach3/

Whilst a few may have had some success with the TB6560 boards there are many who have had nothing but trouble.
Perhaps not what you want to hear but my advice, if you are serious about CNC and want a machine which performs well, is to look toward using a better quality controller and one where the manufacturer provides information, service and backup. One such option may be the Gecko G540 (or similar).

I know that this board ins't good. But I also know that for the begining its not a bad choice.

Computer specifications are good and more then enough.
And in this case it's not a board, it's a signal that computer sends to parallel port pins. So maybe i have to change somthing in compuer device manager or BIOS?
Not all parallel ports will work satisfactorily and not in all modes.

In the BIOS,
Check the 'mode' that your port is set to. There are usually 3 modes to choose from: standard (or legacy etc), EPP and ECP.
Try changing the mode to EPP or Legacy.

Thanks, I'll try it today, and give a feedback if it works.:)