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Author Topic: Error: Disarmed Drives Unexpectedly  (Read 4058 times)

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Re: Error: Disarmed Drives Unexpectedly
« Reply #10 on: November 06, 2017, 07:35:43 PM »
Thank you for all the help. I actually just figured it out. M0 is Index 3, M1 is index 4 and so on (since we are using the encoder board). The manual is not very specific here so I was setting the index to match the motor number.

The homing is now fixed as well. Still no joy on the e-stop on the encoder board and a new issue has surfaced.

If I can figure out why we are generating a higher pulse train than movement I will be golden.

We have a very low backlash system with ADS Helical Module 3 rack on the x, a C2 25mm screw on the y and a c2 18mm screw on the Z. The Following Error accumulates under movement. Having to set it to 2 million to move 4' without error. Ugh. More debugging. The odd thing is that the following error is consistent on x, y and z.

Is this a buffer issue maybe?
Re: Error: Disarmed Drives Unexpectedly
« Reply #11 on: November 06, 2017, 08:47:17 PM »
Ok. Your reversing the polarity worked. Now my following error is never greater than 20!!!

The Hicon Integra is by far one of the best systems I have used to date (and I am comparing to Thermwood, Biesse and GE Fanuc based systems). It is lightyears beyond any hobby product on the market! If anyone has any doubt about the Integra all I can say is get it a go. You will not be disappointed. As far as price, compared to hobby controllers, it is comparable. Most hobby controllers require addition BOBs and IO boards totaling nearly 700.00USD. The base Integra is less. For 1500 or so one can have a closed loop controller!

We use DMM and Yaskawa drives and either HSD or Colombo spindles with Delta VFDs. I bring this up because I am using my notes to write a guide for the Encoder board, expansion board and Integra that more clearly defines setup parameters. Your documentation is GREAT but a step by step may be helpful for many.

Thank you for your help and advice; I am now a customer for life!

Re: Error: Disarmed Drives Unexpectedly
« Reply #12 on: November 07, 2017, 12:49:01 AM »
Thanks for your positive review.  Really appreciate it.  Yeah, any documentation you can provide will be awesome and we will build on that.

Thank you