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******Guess and win a G100 Grex rules and hints


I thought this would make it easier to keep up with.

 :D Win a free Grex :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D Mach licenses ;D & a :o G100 plugin :o[/u][/color][/size]

You can win this package worth more than ;D $600.00 ;D by guessing the number of chips in the picture below. The winner will be announced May 29th unless someone guesses it spot on before that time. If no one gets it spot on by then, I will award it to who ever is closest. I will be giving hints from time to time so keep an eye on it. The first hint is, the number is between 3,000,000 and 2,000,000. Only one entry per member. It can however be edited at any time. In other words, you can go to your original post and edit the number you wish to submit. That is, until we lock it on the 26th.

If anyone doesn't know what this competition is for here are links to pages that will help you understand.

Special thanks to Benny, Mariss of Gecko Drives, Stephen Hardy and Artsoft for putting this into motion.


Hint 2
I can't tell you where it is placed but you must use 6 to win this race.


Hint 3
As before, I can't tell you it's place but if you would use a 7, it would help in this race.


A slight change is in order. Starting tomorrow, 3-24-07 I will start locking this topic while checking all of the answers. Once finished checking, I will unlock. This will be at no set time, only when time will permit.


I just checked, no one has won yet.

Hint 4
In the number there is an 8, you know by now I can't tell you its place.


I just checked, still no winner.

Hint 5
If I could play I would guess...............sike. Seriously though, I would use some 0s.

Any of your guesses should be entered as one of the three following formats. X,*********,********* or X.*********.********* or ******************X . With nothing else attached, ( with a space before and after the number ).

Hint 6
Two post come to mind. They are so close yet so far away.



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