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Author Topic: Will Mach or CSMIO work with this Mitsubishi MDS-B-SVJ2,please help me !!  (Read 4381 times)

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I have just bought these stuff:

3pcs Mitsu HA100NC-S rated 2kW + 3pcs Mitsu MDS-B-SVJ2 servo drive rated 2.0kW
1pcs Mitsu AC spindle motor rated 7.5kW + 1 pcs Mitsu spindle drive unit MDS-B-SP-220
And some other stuff,but i think i will try if these things could work with Mach3 or Cslab first.

Some real pics :

I found some manual here.

But i can not see which pins for step/dir to connect to Mach3,so i think its use analog 0-10volt.
please anyone help me this servo motor can work with CSMIO analog version ? And how to connect,thank you  :'(

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It looks like these may not have either step/dir or +/- 10v but rather some sort of fibre optic connection.
You would have to look in the control manual that they were originally connected to, it might give you some information on the communication required.
yes,i found that it uses  fibre optic connection.Now i have NC unit controller,Base I/O,drive for both AC spindle and AC servo motor,terminal comunication and power supply.But i have read in the user manual of MELDAS M64 here

There is also Remote I/O,Scan I/O..do i need these things to run this Meldas M64 ?
Thank you

all pics

AC Spindle + AC servo

a closer look,AC spindle is Mitsubishi SJ-11XW8 rated 7.5kW,max 11kW.AC spindle also has a ac spindle drive MDS-B-SP-220

and 3 Mitsu rated 2kW AC servo motor with increment encoder 25000ppr OSE253

AC servo drive is MDS-B-SVJ2-20 rated 2kW

NC controller is FCA64-B,i think this is the 1st version,right ?

Base I/O is FCU6-DX541 and there is a HR211 on it.

terminal comunication + keyboard is BKO-NC6212 Modle MDT962B-1A

And finally is a power supply

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It kind of looks like the only way to use  these drive/motors is with the original control.