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Author Topic: parallel port 2 problem during using Mach3  (Read 1572 times)

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parallel port 2 problem during using Mach3
« on: May 23, 2016, 09:35:42 AM »
Hi everybody,

I clicked the 2-9 pins as input checkbox in setup,  so i got 4 outputs and the rest as inputs use.  I chose pin 1 as the 5th axis step and pin 14 as the direction controls. The weird things were:-)

1) the stepper motor controller didn't get the direction change from the said pin. Maybe its output power was too low to drive the optocoupler diode in the controller. I checked that it could control the transistor of a relay to have the action. So, i added a NPN transistor between its output and the controller input to solve the problem.
2) after the change, it seemed okay, but the 5th axis never went back to zero DRO position after a full 360 degree rotation during homing operation! After examination, when there was no clicking on Mach3screen button to give signals to this axis, the stepper motor would advance itself little by little with no increments on the Mach3 DRO.
3) i configured the parallel port 2 to normal stage of 5 inputs type and chose pin 6 and 7 as for direction and step pulse use. The direction pulse could be sensed without the help of extra addition of transistor. However, the going back to zero home position problem still prevailed.
4) when i swapped them to parallel port 1, including the motor tuning and other setup data, everything worked fine, this eliminated there is anything wrong with the driver or motor...

The second parallel port was used for a long time, but it only involved in high or low levels signal controls of the toolchanger box and had no problem, the parallel card is inserted in PCI slot in a desktop computer.

Could anybody kindly give advise, ideas or solution, ...

Thanks i advance.