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G54 work offset issues
« on: May 18, 2016, 11:56:44 AM »
Hi All

Just about finished converting an Emcoturn lathe to mach3 control.

Now just starting to make some swarf.

I have used Mach mill for some time but this is my first venture into Mach lathe.

I have a couple of issues with the work offsets table. They may or may not be a

problem, The problem may just be in my understanding of how they should work.

A) I have a rear mounted toolpost and have this option selected for all tools (rear toolpost led lit)

I was expecting that with the rear toolpost setup selected a G55 workoffsets would be generated

It isn't. It generates a G54 workoffset. But having said that from what I have tried so far it appears to work!!

What I am worried about is. As I am new to running a Mach3 lathe, if this is wrong,  is there a situation where

this issue is likely to bite me some time in the future?

B) Secondly. I wanted to try and save the X axis work offset so I didn't have to do the complete skimming of

stock etc etc each time I switch the machine on.

My lathe has home switches so at the moment when I switch on I immediately home z and x.

Does the act of homing wipe out the offsets?

I have tried using the save button in the offsets table with no joy.

At the moment the offsets stay as long as the machine is switched on, but are gone on startup

Is this the correct way it should work?

For information I have the following settings

(tick)  Copy G54 from G59.253 on startup

(tick)  Persistant offsets

(tick)  Persistant Dro's

(tick)  Optional offsets save   (save fixtures etc via message boxes during shutdown)

As I say because of my inexperience in using the cnc lathe these issues may or may not be a problem.

here's hoping someone will point me in the right direction

cheers George

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Re: G54 work offset issues
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2016, 04:23:30 PM »
A) G54 is the default offset and it is the only one I ever use on my lathes.
B) Set up the tools in the tool table and that way they will be correct for X and Z offsets when you call them.
  Copy G54 from  G59.253......... That will set your G54 to whatever is in G59.253, suggest you disable that option.

I did a couple of videos to show how to set up tools in Mach Turn, they might help.

Without home switches

With home switches


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Re: G54 work offset issues
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2016, 07:17:59 PM »
The attached  provides lathe  basics that should you should know and understand.
The info is from a manual I have been writing for a lathe screen set.


Re: G54 work offset issues
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2016, 06:01:20 AM »
Hood  Rich   

Brilliant .  Thanks guy's that's exactly what I need.

The process does feel a little like learning to drive a car by post. HA HA

Hopefully I will get to stage where I can get to the stage where I can press

the cycle start button without cringing.

Hood  you were spot on. I unchecked "Copy G54 from G59.253" and it worked

Once again thanks again guy's for all your help

cheers George