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Author Topic: Close Loop Analog Spindle (0-10v), Pokeys57CNC, Mach4 Mill, Encoder (A/B/I)  (Read 1852 times)

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I have a mill with an analog spindle (0-10 volt) and an encoder. Does the Pokeys57CNC plugin/Mach4 allow me to close the loop between commanded spindle speed and actual speed? If so can you please point me to some documentation?


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Hi, Roger

The PoKeys57CNC by itself does not (yet) support the closed-loop control of the spindle speed.

However, one can realize this using the PLC LUA scripting in Mach4 - the spindle speed measurement are done by PoKeys57CNC and sent to Mach4. One can read the current spindle speed and adjust the PWM output of the PoKeys device that drives the spindle (via analog output).
Unfortunately, we don't have any example on how this is done, but will suggest my colleague to prepare an article on our blog (http://blog.poscope.com).
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