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Author Topic: I need help in Screen4.  (Read 3563 times)

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I need help in Screen4.
« on: May 21, 2007, 07:47:27 AM »
Hi everyone!
-->I am new to this forum.
Please give me any ideas for the following problems:
-In screen4 software, i use the pause led (oem code: 805) and it does not work (while the same function button works as well).
-I cannot find at the output 1 - output 3 and output 7 - 20 ON OFF oem codes (in the "OEM Buttons - MachCustomizeWiki.htm").
Any information will be helpfull.
Re: I need help in Screen4.
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2007, 12:53:06 AM »
If you would like to turn off an output you will need to do the following:

Deactivate(OUTPUT1)'This will turn it off

The Pause LED will not work??? did Screen 4 add the OEM code?
Fixing problems one post at a time ;)

Re: I need help in Screen4.
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2007, 02:42:59 AM »
Brian, thank you.
Yes the pause led does not work.
Here is a sample program (sorry for the big code):

M3 S2250
G0 X38.907 Y97.962 Z5.000
G1   Z-0.100 F120
G1 X38.907 Y97.962 Z-0.100 F120
X41.983 Y101.289
X42.625 Y101.906
X43.278 Y102.510
X43.944 Y103.101
X44.647 Y103.647
X45.372 Y104.163
X46.119 Y104.647
X46.508 Y104.877
X46.913 Y105.080
X47.333 Y105.254
X47.763 Y105.398
X48.200 Y105.511
X48.510 Y105.566
X48.826 Y105.589
X49.142 Y105.578
X49.454 Y105.536
X49.591 Y105.499
X49.723 Y105.435
X49.841 Y105.347
X49.940 Y105.240
X50.015 Y105.119
X50.069 Y104.940
X50.085 Y104.754
X50.061 Y104.422
X50.001 Y104.092
X49.906 Y103.770
X49.777 Y103.461
X49.617 Y103.169
X49.423 Y102.871
X49.204 Y102.589
X48.963 Y102.328
X48.394 Y101.824
X47.817 Y101.384
X47.226 Y100.965
X46.620 Y100.565
X44.482 Y99.222
X43.743 Y98.733
X43.023 Y98.216
X42.322 Y97.673
X42.502 Y96.654
X42.716 Y95.641
X42.878 Y95.040
X43.070 Y94.446
X43.293 Y93.864
X43.546 Y93.295
X43.909 Y92.542
X44.306 Y91.806
X44.738 Y91.090
X45.203 Y90.395
X45.562 Y89.918
X45.947 Y89.460
X46.357 Y89.023
X46.790 Y88.609
X47.244 Y88.220
X47.583 Y87.975
X47.937 Y87.749
X48.304 Y87.546
X48.682 Y87.365
X48.838 Y87.253
X48.898 Y87.196
X48.942 Y87.124
X48.963 Y87.044
X48.929 Y86.850
X48.858 Y86.699
X48.766 Y86.559
X48.656 Y86.433
X48.050 Y85.867
X47.708 Y85.611
X47.342 Y85.382
X46.958 Y85.184
X46.558 Y85.018
X46.147 Y84.888
X45.730 Y84.793
X45.283 Y84.728
X44.823 Y84.697
X44.353 Y84.703
X43.877 Y84.747
X43.400 Y84.830
X42.926 Y84.953
X42.461 Y85.116
X42.009 Y85.317
X41.576 Y85.555
X41.166 Y85.828
X40.782 Y86.131
X40.427 Y86.462
X40.105 Y86.815
X39.817 Y87.186
X39.564 Y87.572
X39.346 Y87.966
X39.058 Y88.590
X38.804 Y89.231
X38.587 Y89.885
X38.406 Y90.549
X38.262 Y91.221
X38.144 Y91.876
X38.048 Y92.535
X37.855 Y94.307
X37.315 Y93.496
X37.052 Y93.038
X36.815 Y92.566
X36.606 Y92.082
X36.032 Y90.659
X35.449 Y89.239
X35.255 Y88.804
X35.039 Y88.378
X34.803 Y87.963
X34.548 Y87.560
X34.261 Y87.182
X33.944 Y86.824
X33.600 Y86.488
X33.232 Y86.176
X32.842 Y85.893
X32.433 Y85.639
X32.010 Y85.417
X31.575 Y85.228
X31.333 Y85.136
X31.083 Y85.066
X30.828 Y85.020
X30.571 Y84.997
X30.411 Y85.012
X30.249 Y85.056
X30.094 Y85.131
X29.954 Y85.233
X29.836 Y85.359
X29.746 Y85.500
X29.684 Y85.649
X29.632 Y85.851
X29.616 Y86.059
X29.646 Y86.483
X30.201 Y88.665
X30.786 Y90.839
X31.402 Y93.004
X32.049 Y95.160
X32.596 Y96.874
X33.168 Y98.580
X33.766 Y100.277
X34.092 Y101.168
X34.440 Y102.050
X34.811 Y102.924
X35.203 Y103.787
X35.348 Y104.075
X35.513 Y104.352
X35.696 Y104.617
X35.914 Y104.835
X36.155 Y105.030
X36.414 Y105.199
X36.688 Y105.339
X37.065 Y105.504
X37.456 Y105.642
X37.859 Y105.750
X38.270 Y105.828
X38.686 Y105.875
X39.103 Y105.890
X39.518 Y105.873
X39.926 Y105.827
X40.111 Y105.785
X40.289 Y105.720
X40.457 Y105.633
X40.590 Y105.525
X40.701 Y105.389
X40.781 Y105.233
X40.826 Y105.067
X40.851 Y104.799
X40.817 Y104.486
X40.751 Y104.178
X40.449 Y103.101
X39.947 Y101.570
X39.254 Y99.578
X38.531 Y97.597
X38.604 Y97.521
X38.907 Y97.962
G0   Z5.000
G0 X57.821 Y101.085
G1   Z-0.100 F120
G1 X57.821 Y101.085 Z-0.100 F120
X58.231 Y102.116
X57.579 Y102.033
X56.930 Y101.934
X56.607 Y101.916
X56.283 Y101.930
X56.149 Y101.957
X56.019 Y102.016
X55.902 Y102.107
X55.811 Y102.223
X55.752 Y102.354
X55.725 Y102.487
X55.714 Y102.657
X55.725 Y102.827
X55.816 Y103.199
X55.997 Y103.611
X56.217 Y103.945
X56.352 Y104.086
X56.505 Y104.209
X56.673 Y104.310
X57.154 Y104.526
X57.612 Y104.673
X58.078 Y104.794
X58.549 Y104.890
X59.347 Y105.014
X60.151 Y105.108
X60.958 Y105.172
X61.767 Y105.205
X62.576 Y105.207
X63.383 Y105.179
X63.963 Y105.127
X64.541 Y105.043
X65.115 Y104.929
X65.683 Y104.785
X66.242 Y104.611
X66.790 Y104.408
X67.324 Y104.178
X67.803 Y103.931
X68.266 Y103.653
X68.709 Y103.345
X69.131 Y103.009
X69.460 Y102.706
X69.767 Y102.378
X70.049 Y102.028
X70.303 Y101.658
X70.529 Y101.271
X70.684 Y100.943
X70.812 Y100.602
X70.911 Y100.250
X70.979 Y99.892
X71.018 Y99.531
X71.027 Y99.102
X71.005 Y98.670
X70.950 Y98.241
X70.863 Y97.816
X70.746 Y97.401
X70.598 Y96.997
X70.419 Y96.609
X70.210 Y96.233
X69.975 Y95.872
X69.714 Y95.529
X69.430 Y95.206
X69.125 Y94.907
X68.738 Y94.570
X68.330 Y94.259
X67.902 Y93.975
X67.594 Y93.803
X67.273 Y93.653
X66.594 Y93.393
X65.903 Y93.170
X66.140 Y92.752
X66.403 Y92.351
X66.741 Y91.962
X67.105 Y91.595
X67.494 Y91.254
X67.906 Y90.941
X68.336 Y90.658
X68.832 Y90.362
X69.340 Y90.087
X69.858 Y89.833
X70.604 Y89.502
X71.361 Y89.197
X71.096 Y88.083
X70.975 Y87.669
X70.821 Y87.263
X70.634 Y86.869
X70.415 Y86.491
X70.167 Y86.132
X69.892 Y85.795
X69.594 Y85.484
X69.376 Y85.301
X69.135 Y85.140
X68.873 Y85.006
X68.596 Y84.902
X68.308 Y84.831
X68.016 Y84.793
X67.726 Y84.790
X67.443 Y84.818
X67.076 Y84.903
X66.715 Y85.015
X66.364 Y85.153
X66.024 Y85.316
X65.642 Y85.516
X65.274 Y85.744
X64.923 Y85.997
X64.591 Y86.275
X64.280 Y86.574
X63.884 Y87.062
X63.512 Y87.570
X63.168 Y88.097
X62.851 Y88.640
X62.510 Y89.268
X62.189 Y89.906
X61.890 Y90.556
X61.612 Y91.214
X61.434 Y91.697
X61.277 Y92.188
X61.142 Y92.685
X61.118 Y92.850
X61.111 Y93.017
X61.123 Y93.184
X61.159 Y93.317
X61.225 Y93.445
X61.316 Y93.557
X61.428 Y93.646
X61.551 Y93.708
X62.072 Y93.903
X62.582 Y94.125
X62.837 Y94.259
X63.082 Y94.411
X63.317 Y94.578
X63.764 Y94.938
X64.189 Y95.323
X64.483 Y95.675
X64.751 Y96.050
X64.989 Y96.444
X65.197 Y96.855
X65.372 Y97.279
X65.521 Y97.689
X65.641 Y98.110
X65.729 Y98.541
X65.786 Y98.977
X65.810 Y99.415
X65.802 Y99.851
X65.776 Y100.181
X65.716 Y100.510
X65.621 Y100.831
X65.493 Y101.140
X65.336 Y101.432
X65.183 Y101.635
X65.008 Y101.822
X64.814 Y101.991
X64.605 Y102.139
X64.383 Y102.263
X64.116 Y102.390
X63.840 Y102.497
X63.204 Y102.677
X62.372 Y99.692
X61.513 Y96.715
X60.626 Y93.746
X60.319 Y92.623
X59.989 Y91.506
X59.637 Y90.396
X59.262 Y89.293
X59.023 Y88.655
X58.750 Y88.031
X58.443 Y87.423
X58.287 Y87.166
X58.110 Y86.922
X57.912 Y86.695
X57.653 Y86.469
X57.376 Y86.261
X57.086 Y86.073
X56.784 Y85.908
X56.323 Y85.672
X55.844 Y85.471
X55.352 Y85.306
X54.849 Y85.180
X54.626 Y85.151
X54.399 Y85.150
X54.174 Y85.179
X53.957 Y85.236
X53.786 Y85.320
X53.629 Y85.438
X53.498 Y85.585
X53.399 Y85.754
X53.335 Y85.934
X53.290 Y86.134
X53.264 Y86.338
X53.257 Y86.544
X53.284 Y86.936
X53.341 Y87.325
X53.591 Y88.515
X53.920 Y89.745
X54.274 Y90.968
X54.652 Y92.184
X55.234 Y93.982
X55.841 Y95.772
X56.475 Y97.553
X57.135 Y99.324
X57.821 Y101.085
G0   Z5.000
G0 X0.000 Y0.000

Re: I need help in Screen4.
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2007, 01:30:58 PM »
I am confused... Why do I need Gcode if the Pause LED is not working in Screen 4 ? Is Pause working on this file?
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