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Author Topic: 1st time post, in dire need of setup assistance  (Read 1414 times)

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1st time post, in dire need of setup assistance
« on: April 15, 2016, 10:20:38 AM »
Hello all, my name is Bill and this is my first post in the Mach forum.

I'm a professional luthier, and have nearly half a century experience in traditional woodworking. However, I'm totally new to the CNC world.

I had posted in another forum that resulted in no help just yet. I have the Huanyang 2.2Kw VFD and the matching water cooled spindle that I had purchased from Automation Technology, Inc. to use with my CNC Router Parts CRP2448 and their NEMA 23 DIY electronics. I have the parameters set properly in the VFD as according to all the recommendations (and the manual) that I can muster (however I'm open to details on that as well to confirm or correct).

I am also fairly confident that I have all the wiring correct (30+ years experience and understanding of wiring and electronics both industrial and residential). I am not using a relay in the control box since I've read on multiple accounts that it's not necessary for this. I can run the spindle fine from the VFD on manual mode. Where I'm having a problem is with how to setup my system to drive the VFD and spindle using Mach 3, through an Ethernet Smoothstepper (ESS), and a Gecko G540 drive when I've changed the VFD to PD001=1. I have the latest version of the ESS plugin and am running the recommended stable version of Mach 3 on a Windows 8.0 Laptop. I also have followed various ideas of setup to no avail including the Warp9 setup info to drive the spindle for the ESS.

If anyone can please provide me specific details on the setup in Mach 3 and the ESS plugin to get my spindle working through Mach, I would be greatly appreciative. When I set up according to the scattered (and often conflicting) info I've been able to find for setting up in Mach for this drive, I get zero reaction when trying to start the spindle. In fact, I can enter for example, 24000 in the spindle speed, and when I select the CW F5 button it resets to 0 and the button stops blinking. There is no error code as a result either. I appreciate any help that can be offered so I can get my machine up an running. (side note: I can manually jog XY&Z in Mach, but can't turn the spindle on).

For the sake of having others double check my setup in the Huanyang VFD (in numeric order):
PD000 = 0
PD001 = 1
PD002 = 0
PD003 = 400
PD004 = 400
PD005 = 400
PD007 = 20
PD008 = 220
PD009 = 15
PD010 = 8
PD011 = 120
PD014 = 12
PD015 = 12
PD141 = 220
PD142 = 9
PD143 = 2
PD144 = 3000

Thanks in advance to any who are able and willing to help me with this issue.

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Re: 1st time post, in dire need of setup assistance
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2016, 08:56:42 AM »
No need for assistance on this. I found a YouTube video that helped with a few settings in ESS and Mach config. All is sorted now for the moment.