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Author Topic: ESS slow load, Wake up board does not reply, mid stream failure -Debounce  (Read 6628 times)

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Exactly what the header says. 64 Bit Dell 745 with a duocore. Very slow to load up if it loads up and most of the time gives wake up client board.

This was a good install, firewall down, defender, no security essentials, proper power settings, Windows 7. On another Dell 745 we had to set a debounce of ZERO to get it to chat with the ESS and not give wake up board does not reply error.

Any insights?
Can you post your XML (you will need to give it a unique name)

Where are you setting the denounce?  Debounce should not affect the ESS communication.

What version of Mach are you running



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, firewall down, defender,

Do not turn the Windows Firewall off, you want to allow Mach 3 through both public and private networks. If you turn the firewall off Defender might still block it. As Rob says debounce as nothing to do with communications.
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Warp 9 seems to have put all it's efforts into Mach 4... a huge marketing mistake, Mach 4 a lousy product that is 50% functional and has many problems. Over 50 pages of "Bugs"  on their web sight. Instillation is problematic and a nightmare. ArtSoft's marketing plan (if they even have one???) has lost sight of it's customers. The fact that they are considering to charge $$ users of Mach 4 for "customer service"... another way to extort money for a lousy developed product is just wrong!  Just the fact that ArtSoft is charging $200 for the privileged of debugging a crappy program is tells you allot about the company.
Given you are obviously well read, what do you see as a better product?

Albert Einstein ― “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.”