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Author Topic: something has gone wrong !!!  (Read 1244 times)

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something has gone wrong !!!
« on: March 28, 2016, 09:24:01 AM »
I have been running the hicon integra with the mach3 for about 6 months. After the initial setup everything worked great, however I am having the issue now of the X axis getting off. at home the gantry is 1/16 off on the home side and when it travels about 4 feet it gets upto 1/4 inch out. I was thinking a stepper motor going out but when I tested them they are fine, I also checked the transmissions and belts for play and wear they are also fine. i then checked the drive output and the settings have not changed. does anyone have an idea of what this might be?

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Re: something has gone wrong !!!
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2016, 11:36:59 AM »
Before getting in too deep perhaps thoroughly check the mechanicals. Tightness or binding of the axis travel, looseness of a set / grub screw or motor / shaft / pulley coupling etc.

(It has probably happened to all of us at one time or another - what we thought was a tight coupling or grub screw was not quite tight enough).