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Author Topic: ePID error on tool change but only if the machine is moved  (Read 2773 times)

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Im having a lot of problems with my IP-6S the machine will run fine until a tool change is called for if I do not move the machine and press cycle start the machine works fine and just carries on. How ever if I move the machine to change tool and reset Z and press start I get a ePID error. Then if I follow the screen and reset the emergency stop the machine will carry on and try to cut the part put at this point as soon as I have hit reset the DRO has lost all its ZERO's and then the machine goes of in all directions.

Look at it like this the machine stops I move Z up change tool set z zero and hit cycle start machine bugs with the ePID fault so I hit stop to rest then as soon as I do this the DRO then get's a hole lot of new dimensions from some place I think from when the machine was referenced and then runs of to the corner of the table to mill a new T-slot in it.

On top of this I have all so noticed some setting keep changing there mind what they are doing ? I have all so found that all my ports have to have the number 10 in there before the machine will work put them to 0 and the machine will not move put them back to 10 and off it goes. I thought the ports didn't matter ?

Why is this this

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Re: ePID error on tool change but only if the machine is moved
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You can change the way Reset works with coords in the plugin. Having said that as you are using the IP-S then it does not have feedback so I would suggest you don't. The reason is that when there is an E-Stop Mach can be out of position, if you do not rehome then you can end up being out of position.

As for the port number of 10, that is what all external controllers use. Some entries such as Axis do not require any Port or Pin numbers as that is directly controlled via the plugin but others such as normal I/O do.

If you attach your xml I will look and see if I can find an issue as to why you get the ePID problem.

One last thing, if using V066 of Mach I recommend you go back to 062 as 066 has proved very unstable with many bugs.
You will find 062 here


Re: ePID error on tool change but only if the machine is moved
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Thank you Hood

I understand most of what you have said and I am running .066 On the machine Ill back date it this after noon and all so grab my XML file for you to study and see what the out comes is.

Re: ePID error on tool change but only if the machine is moved
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Sorry about taking my time over this but Have been working away.

As simple as back dating my version of Mach has fixed all these problems one other thing I found was in the CS set up there is a tab to reset DRO's to zero on a emergency stop unchecking this was a good idea to.

The only problem I have now is my shuttle pro will only work if your careful with it. Don't give it a full twist at full jog or it will give another ePid error pr trip the drive.