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Author Topic: Mach turn, Stop Button always de-ref Axis. MPG mode can not Zero axis etc.  (Read 870 times)

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Hello all.
I hope somebody can help me. ;)

I just working on my Lathe to go also CNC like my Mill.
The Mill is running with Mach3, ESS and a Closed-loop system and runs fine so far.
But in Mach3-Turn i got some different behavior.

On the Lathe i use a Pokeys CNC Board and a Closed-loop system to drive the machine.
To work still conventional, i use two encoder wheels mounted on the machine. It works absolut great without any delay with the Pokeys Board.
Two things are very exhausting. :-\

1. Always when i push the Stop button, the machine is going to de-ref all Axis.
2. In MPG mode it is not possible to Zero an Axis, load a cnc program, Ref an Axis etc. I always have to switch at least in to Continue mode to do that.

I don't know if it is a general Mach-Turn problem, or something together with the Pokeys board.
Or maybe i didn't noticed a special setting in Mach-Turn to disable this. ???
But it would be nice if it works just like on my milling machine.

Many thanks