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Author Topic: Possible to send pulses directly to stepper driver while connected to a BOB  (Read 1201 times)

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When to axes are slaved, is it possible to send pulses directly to one of the stepper driver with push button for some fine adjustment.

I would probably need two push button, one for step and one for direction.

Nothing to worry about the bob connected to the stepper driver?

Thanks, Jeff

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I suppose so yes - but don't be tempted to just to add a button in parallel with your current step/dir lines - you'll short your outputs.

Off the top of my head (i.e. not tested) you could do it with a couple of XOR gates but you'll need to deal with switch bounce as well. Maybe use a couple more outputs and screen buttons instead of real buttons to avoid the bounce issue.

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Just rambling…

It’s probably way OTT for your application but I had a similar situation a while back and after much experimentation and thought settled on a system of using two stepper motors driving one axis through a differential gear arrangement. One motor (controlled by Mach) did all the work of driving the axis and the other motor (controlled by a plc driven by sensors) made the corrections.

Just something to think about, perhaps ?