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Author Topic: Pictures to GCode?  (Read 7191 times)

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Re: Pictures to GCode?
« Reply #20 on: March 06, 2016, 07:22:48 AM »
Yes, she loved that car and still misses it. It was crap in the snow however so she wanted a 4 wheel drive. We got a Subaru Outback, 3 Litre, goes like hell and handles surprisingly well, almost as good as my car which is basically the same but a Legacy Spec B which is lower, anyway I digress.

Nice pic, sure I saw it before on one of your posts.
How easy do you find that kind of software to work? I tried a couple of the free ones years ago and found it took a lot of messing to get things right and the only real way was to do a part to see. With parts taking upwards of 2 or 3 hours it could be a waste of time.
Maybe the free ones have advanced since then or likely once you have done a few you get your eye in for the adjustments so that they come out right first time.


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Re: Pictures to GCode?
« Reply #21 on: March 06, 2016, 08:11:36 AM »
Yes indeed sir, that pic. has been posted before ( perhaps in the impact engraving thread ).

I agree. In general, you get what you pay for with software and there are varying degrees of difficulty (especially with the free stuff) but there will always be new ideas or new processes which just have to be tried (I think I have produced a lot of scrap over the years but I hope that I will never loose enthusiasm). Once you have practiced with any software I am sure you can more of less guarantee that it comes out right first time but first time you use it well, who knows...
DotG, for example, is extremely slow but at the time it produced something which I don’t believe had ever been done before and perhaps it’s the same with Jason Dorie’s Halftoner and Reactor http://jasondorie.com/page_cnc.html - they all have their own merits and disadvantages.

It’s all a wonderful world of learning and experience out there and who knows what is just around the corner waiting to pounce.