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Blank Tool Path Display
« on: February 13, 2016, 11:39:25 PM »
Hi All

I have just spent some time trying to see the tool path on the standard screen. It was missing. No Tool Path!  Aaarrgghh!

But first some background:
Win7, ESS, Mach3 .062, NO other jobs running.
I have been working on a vacuum table for PCBs. The table has to handle al sorts of shapes and sizes, so the trad 'grid of grooves with an O-ring' is not really suitable. OK.
Part of the development involved probing across the surface of the table to see how many microns it was tilted or whatever. So there were some rather long probing sessions going on.
But my (MYOG) kinematic probe is not super reliable: the shape of the contacts is wrong. Once in a blue moon it would not reseat on retraction, so the g31 command could freeze, or it could send the Z axis through the roof.

After the last hiccup I had no tool display. Yes, all the right check boxes were ticked. Yes, test programs would run. But no tool display.

Eventually, wandering around sobbing, I came across the less-frequently visited Offsets screen. The current Z axis DRO said 0.000 - I had reset it after rescuing the spindle from the stratosphere.  BUT the box in the top right hand corner with the machine coords button was showing a Z DRO value of ... several million? Ah - that can't be right. Zeroing that just transferred the millions to the current DRO. I zeroed the current DRO and then did a Ref All Home (tall thin button). Now I had 0 on both DROs.

And lo and behold - the tool path display was back!

No idea what the Mach3 code is doing, but it's something to check every now and then.