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ATC M6Start macro
« on: January 16, 2016, 10:51:15 PM »
Here is my ATC M6start macro that I had lots of help with!  I had to tweak one to come up with this one.  A little description of my machine
ESS smooth stepper attached to C32 board
attached to the ESS board is a C52 board to give me more outputs on the 3rd port
attached to the C52 board is a M23 board to give me more inputs for the ATC

Slide air cylinder for tool carousel to move ATC under the spindle
Output4 operates the slide air cylinder
Input1 slide Ext.
Input2 Slide RET

Fabco multi power 4" air cylinder
Input3 PDB release   OEM823
Input4 PDB grip        OEM824

ToolDownDRO  User LED 2000
ToolUpDRO       User LED 2001

The motor for the Tool carousel is a Nema34 1220oz.in   Yes its overkill attached to a planetary gear box 5:1 ratio
For the slide I used the IGUS double rail with bearing slide.

I am running 3 air selenoids
1 for slide cylinder
2nd for Pancake PDB
3rd one is to blast air onto the tool after it is put back into the tool carousel

I am still working on the mechanics of the ATC but the electrical and the programming is coming along.

I could not of achieved my goals of building this ATC without the help of everyone on this forum so many Thanks to all!!!!