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Re: Creating G-Code
« Reply #10 on: January 19, 2016, 08:37:53 PM »
Just a bit of an update on our progress. We have tried a number of the suggestions given and the old Dell 780 is performing quite well, I even picked up a somewhat improved video card with DVI/HDMI output that leaves the onboard VGA graphics walking backwards.  Not exactly a gaming card but well supported by AMD and works well.
Mark feels that running "LinuxCNC" would probable be better, as said he is the computer whiz and knows linux pretty well.  Discovered that there are 2 embedded versions of LinuxCNC.

1. Ubuntu, which appears to be an old cutdown version 10.  (Current is V15) It will not run as V10 is out of date and cannot find links for updating etc inside the app.

2. Debian, [which "Lubuntu is based on] this is an excellent version.  Easy to get and create an ISO and burn to disk.  The app runs well in both the "Live" and the "Install" options.  So have set up 780 with Debian.  ( I recall using Deb many years ago, not easy back then, mainly text based)

After installation the install updated to the latest add-ons etc. and auto checks each time its booted up.  Navigation is extremely smooth and all one has to do is use the Right button on the desktop to drop down a search panel.  Whilst the desktop has various icons to look for things the R-Click is much faster and cleaner.
Had no problems accessing my network, which includes a server and huge backup file system plus 4TB of data storage in a NASbox 340 (old)

Next week the build will begin, with a trip to my favorite store for an 8X4 sheet of MDF.  They have a large vertical and horizontal sheet cutting facility so the sheet can be cut to 4 pieces of 4'X2' as recommended in the book.  I am modifying an old "Work Mate" allowing a old GME circular saw to be fitted with adjustable guides to cut out accurately the many parts needed.  
This followed by the purchase of aluminum angle for the runners and the construction of the base board and gantry.  I have a supply of quality roller bearings and we have a local store "Searle Fasteners" who can supply just about every nut, bolt, or threaded device that was ever made - If they have not got it they can get it or it doesn't exist :)
<1 small step>

Cheers Dave & Mark.

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Re: Creating G-Code
« Reply #11 on: January 19, 2016, 10:26:54 PM »
Take a look at CamBam too. $150 and 40 sessions free before you buy. Software is the Personal in PC so you may find a program every raves about not to be to liking. I'm like that with Autocad, use it almost every day for 15 years and I still hate that program!  CamBam user forum is absolutely top notch too.