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matsuura retro
« on: May 10, 2007, 03:27:39 PM »
 My first post on the forum.
Hello to all
Is in re: to a 1980 matsuura 710 with outstanding iron.

The problem lies with the the top board. all the other boards are fully operational. It does interface via. a yaskawa rs232 board, with only 10k mem, is one step away from worthless. BTR not an option and to old to drip feed, so with out spending 2000k plus, and I would rather put that into a controller that can run longer files and run alot of G01 moves without the buffer choking past 8-10 ipm.

I think the galil has analog out puts for the drives or i could use pixies w/  a grex but i would like to use the drives and motors.
Q; #1
Is the galil far enough along for consideration?? Will the drives execute grex or galil signals fast enough or do i need new amps.

The real concern is the spindle. in to the spindle now are power and an encoder. Spindle drive board is good. but i do not have a very clear picture of how is would interface with mach and the grex.

Q: #2 Is the spindle the c axis?? need a pixie for this too.?? will the spindle change s# on the fly when mach tells it to. IE: S1500afew lines later S500.
would i even use the spindle drive board?

I dont have a problem changing tools manually.but would like to use the ATC some time. 25 pot, single arm, all hydraulic, lots of limts switches relays and solenods and I/O'S

Possible in the future to add later? I thought I saw apost that brian wrote saying something about just putting in the I/O in the proper order, and I think it was re: galil controllers.

I like the 300IPM vid that brian made and would like retro my matsuura like wayne has done with his leadwell (very nice work) but nice word done by all i see here.

So thanks to all

Re: matsuura retro
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2007, 08:59:08 AM »
I would use the Pixie at this time :) The  Galil is a good device but I think I need to buy one to have here for testing :(

The tool changer could be done with a PLC and I would talk to Scott about what it would cost to help you with this (It is not simple :( )

Other then that it sounds like no problem :)
Fixing problems one post at a time ;)