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NVUM V2 trouble shooting
« on: May 13, 2020, 02:07:39 PM »
First things first,

1)Hello. Happy to be here, super new to the CNC world but love it.
2) I understand (after i bought the damn thing) that Novasun is on the wall of shame list and help will only follow if I have a licensed copy of mach3. I do have a licensed copy and am looking for some help.

I have a NVUM V2 4-axis controller that is being recognized however not sending inputs to the stepper motors to move. Mach 3 is showing movement but no movement in the steppers. I've triple checked their instructions and it's set exactly how they have it with 1 exception: "nvum device is connected to your computer" never gets displayed. I've found that the .Bin file posted on their website is faulty and actually disables the USB driver on the card during the update, causing a failure of install. If there is a more up to date .bin file that would likely solve my problem but I can't find it anywhere. Any PM's with information on how to fix it or where to find an updated file would be much appreciated.