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Author Topic: 2010 Screen-set Tool-change routine...  (Read 1945 times)

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2010 Screen-set Tool-change routine...
« on: May 11, 2016, 11:36:03 AM »

Part 1...

I'm using the excellent 2010 screen-set on my mini-mill and so far it's been amazing, however after watching  the tool-change routine a few times I notice something a little odd maybe?

My routine is...

Ref machine,
Load material,
Set X & Y home,
install 1st tool,
Run Initial tool-change routine - the tool probes the work, touches the plate, re-probes, rapids to clearance plane, rapids to fixed plate position, probes etc  - this all works fine.

Then when it comes to the next tool change, the G-code calls M06 Txx and the head goes to my tool change position which is 0,0,0 in machine co-ords so front, left and high up.

I change the tool and press cycle start, it then rapids over to the fixed plate position but proceeds to probe from Z0 (high up) to plate surface instead of what I think it should do which is rapid down to clearance plane and then start probing.

Just a minor point but it takes a fair while to move down at probe speed ;)

Is this an error or something I have set wrong somewhere??

Part 2...

After running one job on say 5mm plate and three tool-changes, say the next job is on 3mm plate and two tool-changes, do I just use the "simple auto zero" button or the "initial zero" button??

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