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Re: Shop Fox Lathe Retrofit
« Reply #10 on: September 23, 2015, 08:08:12 PM »
As always guys, I appreciate the input.  I've never failed to be successful in the two machines I've done because everyone helps on this forum.  I think all you guys that have posted have always posted on my topics.  Even when I asked really dumb questions :) :) :)  I haven't been to warehouse to check yet but I believe I may have found another drive and motor if my memory serves me correctly.  Of course its Mitsubishi to.  I am going to move on with this build and try the timing pulley approach first, but If I need more torque I'll switch to the bigger drive and motor.  Good news is all the wiring will be the same since all the drives are the same besides watts.  Hood, I ordered the CSMIO/IP-A tonight. That should push me to the next level.  I've actually read some of the previous interfaces with  CSMIO/IP-A   on the MR-J2S drives on the forum and there is a lot of good information. Hopefully you guys wont get tired of hearing from me. Should have all my cables and terminal blocks in a week or so. Got the test circuit wired up last night on one drive.  I have an alarm on the drive, but I cant turn it off or jump out since I haven't received any of my cables yet.   I plan on getting the panel built and everything roughed in electrically before the lathe ever gets here.  Have a couple of months since its on back order.  If you haven't saw it already, check out the gunstocks topic on show and tell.  I revived it this weekend with the latest picture. Its really come a long ways.  Look forward to hearing from everyone!!!!
Re: Shop Fox Lathe Retrofit
« Reply #11 on: November 12, 2015, 11:04:31 PM »
Hope everyone is well.  Just thought I would give a brief update.  Finally have received all my terminal blocks and cables for the drives and motors.  Today I got my configuration software.  Turns out the newer stuff that I had wasn't compatible with the older drives.  Go figure. >:( >:(  Got a drive powered up and communication established.  I have to hardwire the estop and servo enable, then I should be able to start testing.  Controller is here now also.  Lathe is still on backorder, with no idea when it will be here.  May just cancel that order and go with a grizzly.  As I get time to  continue to work on this project I will update thread.
Re: Shop Fox Lathe Retrofit
« Reply #12 on: November 23, 2015, 07:21:24 PM »
Need a little input guys. Found out the lathe wouldn't ship till after the first of the year. I cancelled the order today and have decided to go with the grizzly. They have the g0602 and then there is the g0752 which is the vfd driven version of the g0602. Which is about 550 dollars higher. After doing a little research, I'm not sure I can buy a vfd and motor for the g0602 for any less than the difference between the two? I was however planning on putting a two horse motor and vfd on the g0602 if I bought one of those. What are your thoughts??  Anyone have a g0602?  I have movement on my servos now, and will be interfacing them with the controller soon. Any help is appreciated :)