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tool height probing

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Screwie Louie:
Could be Dan. G31 commands and execution may just be mapped to the Probe input....vs. Input XX. Good looking out. I bet you're right! By the way, how old is my New Zealand friend? I'm 37...16 yrs in military service (federal acquisitions and contracting). But, I think I know what I actually want to do now after retirement...

the same I think you have a knack for it if you mean being a cnc machine operator or working in the cnc field you seem to be picking up this Lua ********* fast what Cad do you use

Screwie Louie:
I have Solidworks and HSM Express. I'm just learning. I won't let myself start on Solidworks until I understand Mach 4, gCode, macros, etc. I am forcing myself to start from the ground up so I am able to read gCode and understand the machine language. I just got Peter Smid's book on FANUC custom scripts (I believe it was ya-nvr-no's recommendation in one of the threads). I'm just having too much fun! There is so much to learn.

sounds good

well I tryed ISIG_PROBE did not help MACH boy`s please help


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