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Author Topic: MPG jog rate - Unresolved or not?  (Read 1491 times)

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MPG jog rate - Unresolved or not?
« on: August 26, 2015, 01:42:01 PM »
This issue was posted...maybe in 2008 I think? Was this ever addressed or resolved? The thread digressed in to trade show scheduling rather rapidly...

I just dusted off my mill after a couple of years, downloaded the latest MACH3 and started to test to make sure everything was OK.  I have an MPG pendent that I built which has two rotary switches. These go into a keyboard emulator (IPAC) then into KeyGrabber (utility software) to pass the appropriate keystrokes to MACH3.  I modified the 1024 standard screen set as follows:

Note:  I'm set to Imperial units

MPG X axis    <ALT X>    OEM Code 259
MPG Y axis    <ALT Y>    OEM Code 260
MPG Z axis    <ALT Z>    OEM Code 261
MPG OFF       <ALT T>    OEM Code 276 (Which I use to turn MPG on/off)

All of the above work, so the scheme is fine
Now the problem is with the rosolution:
.01           <ALT U>    OEM Code 267
.001          <ALT V>    OEM Code 268
.0001         <ALT W>    OEM Code 269

The above values were taken from the standard settings (or at least how I interpeted them) from MACH3 default configuration.

The MPG is calibrated to 4 clicks per detent

The problem:
Regardless of the setting I choose for the resolution, I seem to get about .0014" movement of an axis for each click of the MPG.  I also have a joystick set up and I get the same result from the joystick on step mode (actually, the joystick sometimes steps and sometime not, the MPG always steps.  When the joystick does step it's the same about .0014".

I have not been auditing the group for a while, so if this was addressed before, I appologize.

Any ideas about what's going on and how to fix the problem would be appreciated.