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Re: THC Problem
« Reply #20 on: February 23, 2016, 06:11:19 AM »
in the diag tab I can see the inputs for thc up/down working but the Z never changes.  There has to be a connection I'm missing, I dont understand what the motion control board has to do with the thc not working.  The software see's the inputs just fine all it has to do is change the Z.

PCs running Windows are NOT real time systems. CNC machines ARE real-time. For PCs to control CNC machines, they need something else to do the real-time things on their behalf.

One such thing is an external BUFFERED controller.

One other such thing is a kernel level BUFFERED driver that can actually give itself higher priority than Windows itself and can thus implement a passable version of real-time.

In older versions of Windows this was possible. In later versions the "holes and hooks" that allowed this have been closed - period. Address all complaints to:

Microsoft Corporation
1 Microsoft Way

Soooooooo... you're using the external controller option:

1) Your THC hardware activates (say) TorchUP.

2) Your motion controller "sees" that signal

3) Your motion controller **** To Do ****

4) Your motion controller sends a packet of info via USB to Mach3 (which includes the fact that TorchUP is activated).
(remember that although USB is fast in communication - yes - even faster than a parallel port - unlike a parallel port, it will only send this message when IT is good and ready - if this doesn't make sense to you - read up on USB. In a nutshell though, it's all very well for me to be able to send you a message at the speed of light - but if I choose to wait a while before I send it - then your going to get it "in a while" - regardless of how fast the comms medium is.

5) Every 1/10th of a second Mach3 reads any packets of info pending and updates the GUI so a human being can see what's going on.


What do you reckon goes in the ToDo?
Does YOUR controller do this?
If it doesn't, is that a Mach3 shortcoming or your controller's?
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Re: THC Problem
« Reply #21 on: March 17, 2016, 07:22:52 PM »
hola atodos,buenas tardes,
mi nombre es andres de colombia,tengo un problema con mi controlador y thc,la situacion es que doy la orden, y la maquina realiza los movimientos,el control de altura baja y luego se eleva, pero no genera el arco,necesito que me ayuden,yo no se si he configurado mal el thc,o estoy dando una orden incorrecta al controlador.
el thc es start shapon y el controlador es microstep.
gracias ??? ???

atodos hello, good afternoon,
my name is andres de Colombia, I have a problem with my driver and thc, the situation is that I give the order, and the machine performs the movements, control of low and then rises, but does not generate the arc, I need you help, I do not know if I misconfigured the thc, or am giving a wrong order to the controller.
THC is Shapon start and the controller is microstep.
Thank you
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