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No jog speed control
« on: June 01, 2015, 11:45:24 AM »
I have a machine running under Mach3.
Works perfectly using my home made interface board (six years old), but I decided to build another board for someone with an identical machine. As my board uses opto isolators on the motor outputs, but not on the inputs I decided to use one of the Chinese breakout boards for the new arrangement. I have 12 switches that interface through an HID/usb port.
I hook up the breakout board X output to the stepper controller/driver to test, leaving the breakout inputs disconnected. Sure enough the X jog control on my original switch works, but only at one speed. On my original input board I have 3 switches for fast, medium and very slow to determine the jogging speed. With this setup they are no longer affecting the speed. On the screen the speed is shown as 193mm per minute which seems the speed the machine is moving. The same happens if I use the tab jog control; nothing changes the speed even as shown on the screen If I set the percentage jog from 1 to 100 there is no difference to the jog speed shown. Can't be the new breakout board as it is only following what it seems to be told by the screen. So have I damaged something in my original input switch HID ? No, because when I take the new breakout board away and hook up my old motor drive circuits the machine jogs exactly as it should.
If anyone has been able to follow my version of events and can figure out what is happening I would be very grateful


Dave Hookings